Plan review/Inspection requirements for temporary construction.

Inspection Requirements for Temporary structures and generators.



For plan review the following requirements shall be addressed.

The Below requirements are pulled from IFC 2003 fire codes and NFPA 70 standards. Temporary structures and generators are permitted for 180 days.

· Approved Plans on site

· Appropriate contact on site.

· Fire Lanes are accessible and marked appropriately.

· Fire lanes are minimum 20 ft wide per 503.2.1.

· Temporary structures shall meet NFPA 701 requirements for flame spread documentation needed for plan review.

· All exit signs illuminated.

· Emergency lighting is provided.

· Temporary structures shall be installed per manufacturer’s installation requirements.

· Fire extinguishers are in place and properly serviced.

· Temporary generators shall be grounded if power is pulled from them.

· Temporary generators shall be secured from the public.

· Temporary generators cables shall be secured from all traffic.

· Temporary generators shall be located minimum 20ft from combustibles.

· This form is used only as a guide. Final approval is contingent upon favorable field inspection.




Revised 1-23-12