Note: This Permit will be allowed one field inspection only.


1)      The Approved Contractor for relining the underground fuel tank(s) (Tank Tech) shall be used and the Fuel contractor who pulls the permit shall have required certifications / license for such relining (ADEQ Certification on site).

2)      Contractor shall obtain an Underground Storage permit from the Arizona State Fire Marshal’s Office.

3)      The contractor shall provide the confined space entry paperwork with the application and shall follow all procedures and policies for that entry at all times.

4)      This office requires that all work performed on the UST will need to comply with API Standard 1631 and The Fiberglass Petroleum Tank & Pipe Institute (recommended practice) T-90-01 for final approval. This office will require a copy of the technical report stating conformance to these standards at final per 2003 IFC 105.4.2.

5)      This office will also require a pressure test and (hydro test or soap) for penetrations to be performed at final or an affidavit that a vacuum test was performed by a third party.


This form is used only as a guide. Final approval is contingent of favorable field inspection of the Deputy Fire Marshal.


Revised 3-12-2015