Permanent Decommissioning of Underground Fuel Storage Tanks



Note: This Permit will be allowed one field inspection which is limited to one eight hour day with-out a re-inspection fee.



Contractor removing the underground fuel tank(s) shall be licensed for such removal and shall be

On-site for removal.

Contractor shall obtain a site closure letter from the Arizona Department of Environmental

Quality before submitting for permit.


Site plan showing approximate tank(s) location on site in relation to structures, utilities and property lines.


If the decommission is done in place then the type of material to be used shall be listed in the submittal and listed for such purpose.


ADEQ shall be contacted at start of inspection. 602-501-4153



This form is used only as a guide. Final approval is contingent of favorable field inspection of the Deputy Fire Marshal.





Revised 3-12-2015