Letter of Appointment (LOA)

An LOA is an agreement entered into by the fire chiefs of a city, town, county, volunteer fire company, or protective district to act within their area of jurisdiction on behalf of the Arizona State Fire Marshal. These local Jurisdictional Partners have the authority to issue permits, review plans for construction, remodeling, alterations, and additions of state, county, and public school buildings and grounds and the inspections performed in conjunction therewith; as well as regularly scheduled inspections of state and county owned buildings and all public and private schools.



LOA Agreement List as of 11/22/2016


In order for the Office of the State Fire Marshal to monitor the activity of jurisdictions whom have entered into an LOA and are acting on our behalf, we require a quarterly report to be submitted on or before the end of the month following each reporting quarter. Reporting Quarters are as follows:


July 1st - September 30th 1st Quarter

October 1st - December 31st 2nd Quarter

January 1st - March 31st 3rd Quarter

April - June 30th 4th Quarter


  • Please check back here for updated Reporting Methods


The new quarterly reporting methods are being revised and updated at this time. Your jurisdiction will be notified by our office (OSFM) when reporting requirements have resumed.

  • Instructions and forms will be available here on this page.


The quarterly report is very important to the Office State Fire Marshal. The report helps this office to track volume and frequency of inspections as well as jurisdictional oversite. It may also be referenced during periodic audits. Please be sure to submit them each quarter as it is a requirement to continue in the LOA agreement.

Questions regarding the LOA program should be directed to: 602-364-1003

Email address: dan.ierley @dfbls.az.gov



This document is used for volume and jurisdictional oversight and may be referenced during periodic audits. Quarterly reports shall be submitted by email to:


Contact: (602) 364-1003


Send reports to:

Email: OFM.LOA @ dfbls.az.gov


Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety

1110 W. Washington, Suite 100

Phoenix, Arizona 85007


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