NOTE:NO construction shall commence until project plans have been reviewed, approved, and a State permit issued.  Construction without a permit shall receive a Red Tag/immediate Stop Work Order.  A Stop Work Order will not be lifted until a Permit is issued and the contractor pays a Re-inspection fee.


All submittals shall be stamped be a Factory Trained Installer or Arizona Design professional.

Design specifications need to follow minimum 2002 NFPA 17 and 96 standards.


The submittal shall include, as a minimum, the following:

1.      Name and complete address of facility and contact phone number.

2.      Name and address of installing contractor, class of license, and license number.

3.      The system type, model number, type and volume of extinguishing agent.

4.      The hood dimensions and type of construction.  The size of the plenum and the number, size and length of exhaust ducts.  The type of filters or grease extractors.

5.      The type of rated enclosure exhaust ductwork passes through to roof.

6.      Number, type and dimensions of cooking appliances under hood.

7.      The distance from appliance to hood.

8.      A floor plan of the kitchen, showing dimensions to location of Pull station, system bottles and required type K portable fire extinguisher.

9.      Automatic Hood Exhaust start up if required.

10.  The fuel shut off location and type, electrical, mechanical, etc.

11.  Views of hood, appliances, and piping, including pipe dimensions and lengths.

12.  The nozzle to cooking surface distances.

13.  The number and location of all actuating mechanisms.

14.  Indication if exhaust air and makeup air to remain on or off after actuation.

15.  The manufacturer’s information tables indicating system pipe and nozzle parameters or system cut sheets.



This form is used only as a guide. Final approval is contingent upon a favorable field inspection.



Revised 3-12-15