Office of the State Fire Marshal Construction Plan submittal requirements for Fire Code Review





The following provides general information for submission for construction permits from the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM).  Please check this site for additional requirements specific to the permit(s) you are seeking.  All construction documents will be reviewed based on the adopted State Fire Code (IFC 2003) and supporting NFPA Standards.


The Arizona State Fire Code requires the submittal of plans for new construction, remodeling, alterations and additions to State and County Buildings, public schools, charter schools, and private schools. Construction of ALL occupancy types, except residential dwellings of less than 5 units, located in areas without a locally adopted Fire Code, must be reviewed for compliance with the State Fire Code by the Office of the State Fire Marshal.


Arizona Revised Statue pertaining to this office and fire code review


All projects that meet the requirements set out in A.R.S. §§41-2163 must be submitted to the office of the State Fire Marshal for review.  The submitted plans will be checked for compliance with the adopted state fire code.  All structures and projects must meet the specifications for; fire flow, fire department access, occupant egress, emergency lighting, and fire protection systems.  Structures and projects subject to this review include, but are not limited to:

·         Construction of new buildings or structures.

·         Additions to existing structures.

·         Modifications or alterations to existing structures that impact any egress component.

·         Addition of security measures.

·         Installation, modification, or alteration of any security gate.

·         Building change of use.

·         Occupancy classification change.


Pursuant to  A.R.S.§§ 34-461D and 34-462, State owned buildings and Community College buildings must  comply  with the locally adopted Fire Prevention codes which supplement or are more stringent than the State Fire Code.   State owned and Community College buildings may be subject to the dual review of the State Fire Marshal and the local jurisdiction with regard to fire safety issues.  Other public buildings may be subjected to a dual review as well.




When a Local Jurisdiction has an agreement now known as Letter of Appointment (LOA) with the Office of the State Fire Marshal, review of plans for that area must be submitted to that local jurisdiction. Please use the Local Jurisdictional Partners link on the State Fire Marshal page for a list of the local jurisdictions that have a current Letter of Appointment (LOA) Agreement with the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM). Any pertinent information regarding the LOA program is available there. 


An on-line application must have already been submitted through the permit portal and the application number i.e. w###...must accompany all construction documents submitted to this office.  The on-line application must have been completed in its entirety and the address for the project must be an actual assigned street address.  Rural route and postal delivery address will only be accepted for areas that do not have postal street addresses assigned. Cross streets, property parcel numbers or similar addressing will not be accepted. 


When submitting paper plans, two copies of construction documents, two copies of all supporting documents and payment, either exact cash, check, or money order to “Department Fire Building Life Safety”, must accompany the plans. The OSFM has up to 60-days for initial review construction documents. Notification will be provided when reviewed documents are ready for pickup, download, or return by pre-paid carrier.







An application number will be assigned on acceptance of the Permit Application.  Notifications regarding plans will use the information provided on the Permit. The Application Number must be used when picking up plans either in person or through the portal.  If pre-paid return provisions have been made, notification will be made when plans have left the OSFM.  The Permit number must be used when calling for an inspection and on any other correspondence with the OSFM after the permit has been issued.





All construction documents, with the exception of LPG plans, shall be prepared by an Arizona Registered Design Professional.  Construction documents must be submitted on at least an 8.5 x 11 page, or larger, or in an approved electronic format, with all pages being of the same size.  All construction document drawings will be to scale with the scale indicted on the construction document drawings.





To receive a permit all supporting documents must accompany plans at the time of application.  Supporting documents include, but are not limited to, manufacturer’s specifications for devices, equipment, products, etc. used under the permit(s) and copies of all required Arizona certifications and/or licenses.

Failure to provide all required information will result in rejection of plans for review.

Permits are only issued to the applicant.  Only the permit applicant may call to schedule inspections under a permit.  Inspection requests from other parties will not be accepted.

All permits issued by the OSFM must be displayed on the job site, in a location safe from weather, at all times until the Permit is closed.  One set of original (wet) red stamped State approved plans must be kept on site and available for review at all times.




Failure to have approved plans and/or not displaying a permit on site will cause a red tag, Stop Work order to be issued against the project.


A Stop Work order will only be lifted after a Permit has been issued by the OSFM for the project and a re-inspection of the site is conducted by the OSFM. All applicable fees must be paid before an inspection to lift a Stop Work Order is scheduled.




Requests for final inspection of interconnected fire alarm, automatic sprinkler, and hood extinguishing system must be conducted under a single inspection. All permitted contractors must be present for the final inspection.

When all permitted contractors for interconnected fire systems are not present for a scheduled final inspection the scheduling permit holder will fail the inspection.  A re-inspection fee will be

required to be paid by the permit holder of the failed system before a re-inspection of the systems can be scheduled.





Permits issued by the OSFM expire 180 calendar days from the date of issue.  One (1) 180 calendar day extension of a Permit may be requested BEFORE the expiration date of a permit.  After the expiration date of a Permit requests for extension or inspections will not be accepted.  To continue construction the project must apply for and pay all required fees to receive a new Permit from the OSFM.




Please call 602-364-1085.

Revised (3/9/2015)