FSC - Compliance

To satisfy the State's compliance requirements:


  • Mail the completed forms, payment and supporting documentation to:


Arizona Department of Fire, Building,and Life Safety
Office of the State Fire Marshal
1110 West Washington Street Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
 fsc.ofm @ dfbls.az.gov

A satisfactory fire standards compliance test for each brand style cigarette is required. Indicate on the appropriate form which test method applied to the cigarettes certified. Attach the most recent test results for each brand style cigarette registered under a certified brand family. Prior to the certification of any cigarettes, a manufacturer shall obtain approval of its proposed marking from the Arizona State Fire Marshal.

Authorized Representatives

The names and contact information provided by the manufacturer on the forms will be used by the Arizona State Fire Marshal to contact the manufacturer. It is the manufacturer's responsibility to keep this information current. Forms, test results or other documentation shall only be submitted to the Arizona State Fire Marshal by a manufacturer's authorized representative with reliable knowledge as to the veracity and completeness of the information provided. The authorized representative executing the application, certification and/or other documentation is an officer, principal, director or other authorized representative of the manufacturer.


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