This office Shall review and inspect All of the life Safety systems required by code. This includes All underground fire line.



NOTE: A temporary fire line must meet all system fire flow requirements. Temporary fire approval is limited to a period not to exceed a 90 days without extension.


The following is provided as INFORMATION ONLY and is specific to the requirements of the Arizona State Fire Code (IFC-2003 edition) and Arizona Revised Statutes 41-2163.C.  A project may also have to meet additional requirements as adopted under a locally amended Fire Code. This information is provided only as a guideline.Specific projects are required to submit for a formal review to receive a Permit.


These requirements are from the 2003 International fire code Appendix “B” and “C’.


            The minimum required fire flow for all other buildings is provided by the International Fire Code, 2003 edition. A minimum fire flow of 1500 gallons per minute with a residual pressure of 20 psi is required for all buildings in this category. Fire flow requirements increase with the square foot and type of building construction. Fire flow requirements for structures may be reduced by installation of automatic fire sprinklers.

The required minimum storage capacity must maintain the required fire flow for a period of not less than 2 hours.


Fire Hydrant Placement –

The minimum number of fire hydrants to meet fire flow requirements is one. Additional hydrants may be necessary to meet minimum building fire flow requirements.

The maximum spacing between fire hydrants is 500 feet.

Local jurisdiction adopted Fire Code requirements may require additional hydrants depending on conditions such as dead end streets, large building complexes.  High-hazard uses may require additional hydrant installations to meet fire flow requirements.


Where there is NO public water supply, provisions of the National Fire Protection Association Standard 1142 “Water Supplies for Urban and Rural Fire Protection” are applied to meet minimum fire flow requirements.  Where adopted by a local jurisdiction the International Wildland Interface Code may be applied to meet minimum fire flow requirements in areas identified as being in the Wildland Interface.


Note:When the owner of the facility has given an Easement to the Water Provider then this office will only have to be contacted to observe the flush of the fire riser and no permit would be required.



Revised 3-12-2015