NOTE:NO construction shall commence until project plans have been reviewed, approved, and a State permit issued.  Construction without a permit shall receive a Red Tag/immediate Stop Work Order.  A Stop Work Order will not be lifted until a Permit is issued and the contractor pays a Re-inspection fee.


The State Fire Code requires Fire apparatus shall be provided access to every facility, building or portion of a building constructed, moved or remodeled, when any portion of the exterior wall of the first story of a building is in excess of 150ft from a point on the access lane.  When access cannot be provided, the State Fire Marshal may require the installation of additional fire protection features.


Fire Access Roads must meet the following minimum requirements listed in the IFC 2003 Fire Code chapter 5 and Appendix D:


1.      When the building is completely protected with an approved Fire Sprinkler system, this distance may be increased to 300ft with the approval of the Fire Marshal.

2.      Full required access shall be provided prior to any combustible construction on a site.

3.      Construction site Fire access shall be identified by signs posted on the property and visible to the Fire Department. The local Fire jurisdiction shall be notified of the location of all fire access roads to a construction site.

4.      Fire access roads shall have an unobstructed width of not less than 20 feet.

5.      Fire access roads shall have an unobstructed clear height of 13 feet 6 inches.

6.      Fire access roads shall be provided with an all weather driving surface and be constructed to maintain and support the imposed load of fire apparatus. Specifications must be provided with plans.

7.      Fire access road shall have a maximum grade of not more than 15%

8.      Fire access roads in excess of 150 feet in length shall be provided with approved provisions for the turning around of fire apparatus. Specifications must be provided with plans.

9.      Approved fire access roads shall be identified with red painted curbs.

10.  All required fire access roads shall have approved signs designating the access lane at the beginning and end of the access lane and spaced at a distance not to exceed 75ft along the access roadway.  Signs shall be clearly visible and affixed to a stationary pole or object, facing in the direction of oncoming traffic.

11.  Signs designating fire access roads shall be a minimum of 12” by 18” with red letters on a white background stating:  Fire lane, No parking, By order of the State Fire Marshal


Note:The Emergency Responding Fire Department shall be contacted for special Fire Lane Requirements.




Revised 3-12-2015