Arizona State Fire Marshal


To reduce hazards to life and property through enforcement of the Arizona Fire Codes. The office shall perform its duties by performing inspections and fire investigations, by providing public education and by adopting fire protection codes.





April 13th, 2015


Electronic applications now available for all permits


The electronic application and submission system has been extended to include all permit types. You may now use the form at to apply for any Fire Marshal permit. Please note this form must be used for General Construction permits. 


April 1st, 2015

Fire Safety Committee Meeting

This notice is provided as a courtesy to the plublic that a Fire Safety Committee meeting will be held April 2nd at the Industrial Commision, 800 W. Washington St, Phoenix, Az, 85007. Please visit the Fire Safety Committe click here.


March 17th, 2015


NEW PLAN SUBMITTAL PROCESS – General Construction Plans ONLY

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is pleased to announce the implementation of a new web-based application portal.  This portal will allow for the transition to an online permit application and payment system.  It also allows for the electronic submittal of plans for review.  In addition, the status of a permit application can be verified 24 hours a day and applicants will be automatically notified of changes in the application and plan review status.  The implementation of this new process will be done during the week of March 23, 2015.  Currently this process is only available for general construction permits and all of these permits must be submitted online through the web portal either from your office or from a kiosk available at our office.


The following remaining plan application types will not be available through the web portal at this time but will be implemented in the next few months:


Fire Alarm Permit
Fire Lane Permit
Fire Line Permit
Fire Pump Permit
Fire Sprinkler Permit
Fire Extinguishing System Permit
AGST Installs
CNG/LNG Permit
Kitchen Hood Permit
LPG Permit
Tank Removal Permit
Tents / Misc. Permit
UST Installs

Arizona Fireworks

  • Effective December 1, 2010; the sale of and use of Authorized fireworks is permitted in the State of Arizona.
If you wish to sell or use fireworks you must comply with the State Fire Marshal's Fire Standards pursuant to:

A.R.S. §§36-1601 through 36-1610. Click the link below for more information:

Arizona Firework Information




Fire School

For Fire School information, please visit:


Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) for inspection of state, county and public school buildings: 


MOU does NOT include any underground storage tank as regulated by ADEQ.   


For more information about MOUs or a list of active MOUs click: here.


State Fire Code 

International Fire Code - IFC - 2003 edition

Fire Watch 


Some jurisdictions contract with private third party service providers.

List of Jurisdictions Currently Contracting for Service


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